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wx-atlan - Atlantic & Gulf Tropical Storm and Hurricane WX products

Subject: Atlantic & Gulf Tropical Storm and Hurricane WX products

Description: WX-ATLAN Atlantic & Gulf Tropical Storm and Hurricane WX products

This list contains an automatic feed of tropical storm-related products issued by the National Weather Service for the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Products are distributed by selecting topics such as OUTLOOK, FORECAST, and STRIKE. WX-ATLAN is not a discussion group and therefore no posting is allowed.

Once you subscribe it is important that you select and save at least one topic. By default you will receive mail for ALL the topics and during periods of active weather the amount of mail can easily overwhelm your inbox.

Currently we offer the following product topics:

OUTLOOK: Outlooks concerning development trends [ABNT20]
TROPDISC: Detailed discussions concerning development trends [AXNT20]
STRMDISC: Discussion reports concerning a specific storm [WTNT4x]
FORECAST: Storm forecasts (wind and sea height estimates) [WTNT2x]
ADVISORY: Storm status reports (movement, wind speeds, etc) [WTNT3x]
SPEED: Speed Forecasts
MARINE: Marine Forecasts
ESPANOL: Spanish Language Bulletins
SUMMARY: Storm Summaries
SEAFCST: NHC High Seas Forecasts
RECON: Reconnaissance data products [URNT1x]
POSITION: Position reports [WTNT5x]
STRIKE: Strike probabilities (landfall probabilities) [WTNT7x]
UPDATE: Storm updates (they often cites recon reports) [WTNT6x]
STATUS: Storm status reports (movement, wind speeds, etc) [WTNT3x]

To choose subtopics Look for "Subscriber Options" on the left side of the screen. You'll need to be logged in to the system and have selected WX-ATLAN before this option is visible. While you're there be sure to make sure your actual name name is correct. This helps us locate your subscription in the event you ever ask us to delete you.

The products retransmitted here are for informational purposes only.
Subscribers should not rely on WX-ATLAN as their sole source of weather
information or for mission-critical purposes.

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