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ss-l - SS-L Sjogren's Syndrome

Subject: SS-L Sjogren's Syndrome

Description: SS-L, the informational list about Sjogren's Syndrome.

SS-L's founder and list owner is Teresa Bertram.

If you, like many of our other new members, have not previously met another person with Sjogren's Syndrome -- well, that is about to change, because we have hundreds of list members with Sjogren's Syndrome! The information and support that we extend to each other, in many different ways, can be very helpful.

Please bear in mind that discussion on SS-L does NOT replace competent medical advice. You are responsible for independently verifying the validity of any ideas discussed on SS-L before you use them yourself.

SS-L has a volunteer moderator who periodically reads messages that have been submitted.

The Moderator’s Criteria for SS-L:

If in the moderator's judgement a message substantially meets the Moderator's Criteria, the message gets distributed to the hundreds of subscribers of SS-L. Moderating a list requires many subtle judgments, but the basic criteria on SS-L are that a message is a candidate for distribution if it:

1. Contains and/or seeks information related to Sjogren's Syndrome.
2. Is of general interest -- not better sent as a private message.
3. Has a Subject line that describes the message content.
4. Respects the daily maximum of 3 messages per person.
5. Quotes only enough (if any) of a previous message to establish context.
6. Does not "flame" or personally attack others.
7. Has no "attached documents".
8. Does not duplicate a recent prior post (not "me too", "ditto", or
simply redundant).
9. Contains no commercial advertising or religious proselytizing.
10. Discloses any financial interest in a product the sender recommends.

Again, Welcome! To submit a message to SS-L, address it to:

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