Species File Group Announcements

Species File Group Announce

This a subscriber-only announcement list serving the Species File Group (https://speciesfilegroup.org) and its collaborators. Subscribers can not post to this list.

This is a low-traffic list (1-3 / week) covering the following:

  • Reminders of upcoming Species File Group events, including links to where they are held. For event details see https://speciesfilegroup.org/events.html
  • Emergency updates to Zoom room links and passwords for SFG events, should they be required
  • Emergency updates on technical outages of our collaborative tools
  • Planned outages of our collaborative tools

To subscribe, there are 2 steps:

  1. click "Subscribe" (in the margin to your left) and
  2. in the 1st email you receive from the listserv please click to "Confirm" and you will then receive future emails.

Questions? Ask on our chat channel: https://gitter.im/SpeciesFileGroup/taxonworks

Please copy-paste the URLs to use them, they are not linkable on this page.
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