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geom-group-theory - Geometric Group Theory

Subject: Geometric Group Theory

Description: A mailing list for announcements of various Geometric Group Theory events, such as conferences, seminars (excluding regular weekly seminars), workshops, summer schools, special programs, etc.
Announcements about postdoc/PhD/faculty positions related to geometric group theory may also be sent to the list.

To send an announcement that you want to be distributed to the members of the list, please e-mail the announcement to

You do not need to be a member of the list in order to do this.

To be removed from or added to the list, or to change your e-mail address in the list, please e-mail Ilya Kapovich at

You can also subscribe/unsubscribe at the list's homepage,
by clicking at the subscribe/unsubscribe links in the menu panel at the left side of the page.

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